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It was 10 years ago that i was here, ironically a marriage ending, life was testing with three little ones to care for,  much was uncertain in my life at this time. I spent some time alone here, in a borrowed house, in a borrowed space, gathering myself in the silence, away from the needs of children, away from life’s chaos. It was what was required to find myself again, and i did, i gathered, picked myself up, gave myself permission to grieve what ever mistakes i thought i may have made, and found my way back with enough strength and truth to carry on forward. That was ten years ago. It has been ten days since coming back now, ten days in the space, and i already know it has begun. The part where we shed old wounds and little ones shed their clothes.  This is the place where we will fiercely  become ourselves, allowing only the truth of who we are to stay. Where we will no longer allow others or time to dictate how we move.  This is the place we will grow ourselves and each other back, for no other reason but for the sake of ourselves.   This space is sacred. A place to be protected. And i am coming to realise, it is so much more than just a blue house on a breathtaking piece of land, our energy, our truth is here, it has always has been, just waiting patiently for us to arrive.  And so we begin..




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