potato and leek soup

IMG_2247IMG_2201 IMG_2246 IMG_2239

its winter. fire places, warm socks, pyjamas and soup.

 the children have all returned to school after a two week break. there is peace..   i find myself with a moment.

there are so many things on the list to do,

but not now.

now, i’ll drink tea and make soup.

IMG_2248 IMG_2240 IMG_2236


8 large potatoes,3 leeks,1 brown onion,2 cloves garlic,2 teaspoons dried thyme,chicken stock to taste,olive oil, 20 grams butter,water to cover,salt and cracked pepper,1/4 cup cream, chives to garnish


slice leeks straight down the middle disregard outer leaves and wash thoroughly under cold water. Chop leeks and onion and sauté with tablespoon of olive oil and the butter until softened in texture. Add the thyme, garlic and chicken stock let cook a minute or so, then add chopped and peeled potatoes. Cook on low heat for approximately 8 minutes before adding enough water to just cover bring to the boil then lower the heat to a simmer until potato’s are cooked through. Blend soup with a hand blender until smooth in consistency return to a low heat and add the cream and season as necessary, serve with finely chopped chives and crusty bread.

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