green eggs and ham

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This dish is a super easy one that in my cafe days we would run as a special on our busy weekends.  It’s what my husband put his hand up for on Fathers Day… and 5 children followed. We enjoyed this cafe style breakfast in our pyjamas with fresh OJ and stove top coffee.

Green Eggs and Ham Recipe


2 free range eggs per serve, dollop of cream,fresh spinach,ciabatta bread, free range bacon,pesto, salt, cracked pepper


Slice ciabatta ready for toasting, in a hot pan cook bacon to a nice crisp, once it’s cooked set aside and keep warm. lightly whisk eggs with cream, roughly chop spinach then heat a pan. Toast the ciabatta. Add a little butter to the hot pan and add chopped spinach let it cook for only a minute then pour in the egg mix. With a spatula and working quite quickly push the egg mixture from the sides of the pan into the middle, the eggs will cook very quickly, for perfect creamy cafe style eggs be careful not to over cook them here,  take the pan of the heat before the eggs are completely cooked, as they will continue  cooking in the pan.  butter the ciabatta and arrange on the plate, using the spatula slide the eggs onto the toast, top with the bacon and spoon the pesto around the plate.



bunch of basil, 200 grams of toasted pine nuts,clove of garlic,salt,olive oil, 50 grams of parmesan cheese

Pesto Method

in a food processor, add the bunch of basil leaves, garlic, few good pinches of salt and the pine nuts and process until smooth, then with the processor running add the olive oil until you have a nice sauce consistency then add the parmesan, season again if necessary. Pesto is now ready to spoon onto the plate. Left over pesto can be stored in the fridge and used for quick a quick meal when stirred through cooked pasta.

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