slow cooked lamb.. mustard pickle sandwich


we had an abundance of left over food after our christmas day celebration.  i must admit I’m one who loves using left overs to recreate something new, the results are usually more flavoursome than the original dish. On Christmas day we served lamb that we had slow roasted in red wine on in weber for about 6 hours, the results were this tender, fall apart meat that was simply delicious. In true Jamie style we used the left overs to make these rustic flavoursome rolls for lunch the next day.

IMG_7117IMG_7109 IMG_7107IMG_7108

we used RUSTIC WHITE LOAF,Fabriqué å Theiers BREAD KNIFE made in FRANCE,HARMONE organic butter,ROLNIK POLISH sandwich cucumbers,THREE THREES sweet mustard pickles,AGED cheddar cheese,selection of fresh greens


slice the bread,spread the butter and a layer of sweet mustard pickles. Arrange layers of roast beef, cheese, pickled cucumbers,greens then serve.

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