summer holidays

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we spent a week of the summer holidays in Phillip Island, four out of five children came with me, we left dadda home working hard over his lap top in the unusual serenity of our house. I’m not sure he quite new what to do with himself in the emptiness other than work work work. we happened to be here over a heat wave, spending days trying to stay cool, reading books, lazing around with naked toddlers and plenty of icy poles.  In the afternoons we  headed to the beach spending hours playing in the sand and water and eating pizza. My big girls traded internet and social networking for endless hours of wandering through vintage and second hand shops. The children had a really good time, our Boo discovered a few more words… pizza, moon, beach, georgie managed to empty every cupboard and draw in the home we were staying in and my girls, well, i really think they appreciated the isolation from the demands of their teenage lives.. it was nice just being away, not worrying about routines, home work and bed times, pausing long enough to see the sun setting, watching the lightning in the thunderstorm, getting our hands dirty in the sand, even washing the dishes in a new sink had a sense of grace about it. Life on the whole slowed right down for an entire week. there was a sadness in packing up and heading home. Not because home isn’t wonderful and daddy is there of course.. but home means getting ready again for another busy year, early mornings and school lunches, long days and tired grumpy children,loads of washing, washing and more washing. If only i could find a sense of grace in those chores. We have decided to come again for the easter holidays.

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