lemon slice

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lemon Slice

ingredients: 220g butter softened,85g icing sugar,2 1/2 cups plain flour,4 lemons juiced or 90ml, rind of 2 lemons,4 eggs,350grams castor sugar,1 tsp baking powder,3/4 cup designated coconut

Method: grease and line 4cm deep slice pan, in a food processor combine butter and icing sugar then add 2 cups of the plain flour or enough so that the mixture comes together in a ball. Press into the pan and chill for 10 minutes. pre-heat oven to 175°C bake the base for 15 minutes then set aside to cool. Finely grate the rind of 2 lemons and juice all 4. Whisk the eggs and castor sugar then add the remaining flour and baking powder, rind and juice. Pour into the case and top with designated coconut. Bake for 30 minutes or until top is golden and filling is set. allow to cool in the pan before slicing. serve with cream or store in the refrigerator for school snacks.

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