roasted pumpkin and pearl barley salad

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1cup pearl barley pre soaked,1/4 kent pumpkin,4 cloves garlic,olive oil,mix of baby spinach and wild rocket, handful of cherry tomatoes,1/2 sliced spanish onion,1/4tsp turmeric powder,1/2tsp Dijon mustard,1 tsp mustard seeds,4Tbl natural yoghurt,2tsp honey,sea salt and cracked pepper


Pre soak the pearl barley for a few hours or over night. preheat the oven to 200°C. In a baking tray add the chopped pumpkin, a splash of olive oil, generously salt and drizzle over one of the  teaspoons of honey. Roast for 1/2 hour or until soft and aromatic. When pumpkin is cooked, drain the barley and heat a pan with another splash of olive oil. on a medium heat gently sauté the barley and add the garlic cloves keep stirring to avoid the barley from sticking for 10 minutes, then add the pumpkin.Lower the heat and start to prepare the dressing. In true Jamie style i like using a small jar with a lid to mix the dressing and if there happens to be left overs it can be easily stored in the fridge for later use. Add the yoghurt,2tablespoons of olive oil,turmeric,mustard and honey then replace the lid on the jar and shake, open and lightly season to taste. Then a large bowl roughly toss the salad greens together then add the pumpkin, barley mix and finish with the dressing.

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