baked stone fruit with pistachios and vanilla pod mascarpone







Baked Stone Fruit with pistachios and vanilla pod mascarpone

ingredients: 6 firm peaches,3Tbl caster sugar,3Tbl balsamic vinegar, 3tsp vanilla extract,juice of 1 lime, 250g marscopne,1/4cup finely chopped pistachio nuts

method: slice around the stone of each peach with a sharp knife then with your hands gently twist the fruit to separate. Never mind removing the stone. Place the peaches face up onto a lined baking tray. In a bowl mix 2 of the table spoons of caster sugar,balsamic vinegar,lime juice and 1teaspoon of vanilla extract, pour over the fruit and bake in an oven set at 200°C for 20 minutes. while the fruit is baking, in a bowl mix the mascarpone with the remaining caster sugar and vanilla extract.

while the fruit is still warm, sprinkle over fine pistachio nuts and serve with a generous dollop of the mascarpone.




2 thoughts on “baked stone fruit with pistachios and vanilla pod mascarpone”

  1. This looks delicious and the addition of balsamic is intriguing. I’m guessing that the vinegar-tang evaporates in the oven and leaves something more like a sweet, sticky balsamic reduction sort of flavour?


    1. Balsamic and sugar together are like the sweetest dream, you can add these two to almost any fruit warmed. Try lightly pan frying a few whole and sliced strawberries with these two ingredients and serve them while still warm with a scoop of mascarpone. wonderfully divine. kind regards carly


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