warm orange syrup for orange and poppy seed cake

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orange and poppy seed cake

ingredients:1 1/2cups SR Flour,3/4cup caster sugar,1teaspoon vanilla extract,2tablespoons poppy seeds,3/4-1cup freshly squeezed orange juice,2freerange eggs,2 tablespoons olive oil,180grams softened butter

method:In a kitchen mixer combine the sugar, butter, vanilla and mix until pale and creamy. Add the eggs, olive oil, flour and orange juice. Once combined add the poppy seeds and stir through by hand. Pour the mix into a well greased and lined cake tin. Bake at 165°C in a preheated oven or until cooked through the middle.

Orange Syrup

ingredients: Rind of 1 orange pith removed, juice of 1 1/2 oranges,1/2cup caster sugar, teaspoon vanilla extract,1/4cup water

method:combine all the ingredients into a pan, simmer over a low heat until mixture thickens and becomes syrupy. Pour over orange cake while still warm. Serve with thickened cream

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