Life is forever changing, unfolding. I am forever changing and unfolding much the same. Every so often, it is important for me to stop and ask the questions who am i now, what really matters, does everything still fit, what are the things that i need to let go of, now. I am a mother of five, still finding my own way, creating my own story, my tribe always close by. I want my children to know they matter, i want them to always know this to be true for themselves as they begin to embark on their lives creating their own stories. I want them to remember this and nourish this thought when they begin their journeys of loving another, sharing their lives with new life they too will create. I want them to know themselves deeply, the way i endeavour to know myself. I am creating my story here, keeping truth close and hopefully leaving a footprint somewhere.


6 thoughts on “moi”

  1. Enjoy it Carly! Every stage they grow through is a lovely experience.
    My two daughters are now 32 (a doctor) and 30 (currently in Thailand helping Burmese refugees with an NGO)
    Bon week-end.


    1. thank you kindly, I’m stumbling my way through life trying to keep the balance with our family with so many little and young personalities to contend with and savour a little of my self along the way.
      kind regards,


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