down on the farm

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It was the most beautiful day in Melbourne yesterday, for the middle of winter.  We decided to pack up the children and head off to the Collingwood Children’s Farm for the morning. Once a month they hold a farmers market and sell everything from organically grown fruit and vegetables to wild flowers, home-made chai tea, giant hash browns, eggs, free range meat, sourdough bread even beer.  This is a fabulous market to go to especially with the kids and the dog if you have one, there’s so much room for them to run.   The farm itself grows all its own produce and the animals are hands on with the kids.  They can watch a cow being milked at 10 am,  pat sheep which are incredibly friendly, walk amongst the ducks, talk to the chickens, feed the goats and I’m sure much more.  We had a really, good, stress free time here, which is a rare thing when travelling with toddlers and babies with an added bonus of a great coffee.  If you live in Melbourne and have kids, pack up the gum boots, a change of clothes just in case and head there one weekend.. it really is a fun day out.