sacred spaces

Religion is, as I say, something universal and something human, and something impossible to eradicate, nor would I want to eradicate it. I am a religious person, although I am not a believer.

Philip Pullman



These pictures were taken from a few of the many breathtakingly beautiful churches around Italy.  I always love the feeling that becomes present when you first step through the doors into these places, and take the moment to really see, what it is that is surrounding you. Religious or not, believer  or non, really it doesn’t matter or is of concern. You are welcome into the divinity of these walls that have been standing for the test of time. They have heard and hold deep within the deepest of secrets, immeasurable stories and prayers to  ever be recounted. These places are sacred, not only by vertue of religious believers but by their very presence and the silence they keep on all that has ever been confided. It is here, that it is for ever memorable that I light a candle for the passing of my mum’s dearest friend, Ruth.

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy… -Giuseppe Verdi



It’s alluring, but complicated. It’s the kind of place that can have you fuming and then purring in the space of a hundred metres, or in the course of ten minutes.

Beppa Severgnini, La Bella Figura


IMG_4356 IMG_4330 IMG_4329ZàZà Ristorante Trattoria Firenze  -Piazza del mercato centraleIMG_4629IMG_4654lovely Venice..IMG_4944IMG_5004IMG_5010IMG_4946Artists Apartment, Trastvere, RomaIMG_4056 IMG_3627 IMG_3585IMG_5007cobble stone paths and names for remembering IMG_3614 IMG_3610 IMG_3586 IMG_3609 IMG_4047Luca, waiting for un caffè, NO NAME CAFE, TRASTEVEREIMG_4060 IMG_4061 IMG_3855 IMG_3860the open door bookshop, Via della Lungaretta, 23 Trastevere 00153 Rome,Italy Ph:+39065896478IMG_2859 IMG_4936 IMG_3616 IMG_4986


Roma’s own, shakespeare and company’


Roma’s secret, in the quaint cobble stone lane ways of the old town Trastevere, hides this priceless little book shop that quietly sits with its door open, awaiting or not any one who happens to pass by. It has managed somehow to remain untouched and unharmed by the many wondering tourists. For any respectful lover of books, to step into this shop you are immediately filled with a profound affection for the literary authors of past times. This is truly a memorable moment. This is not a place for hasty decisions but rather deep breaths of gratitude and contemplation of all that lies upon the shelves, each book having already passed through one or many hands before, touching fellow beings and shaping lives. The shelves are filled from wall to wall and to the high ceilings, calling you to look deeply and with a sense of faith that the right book shall make its way into the palms of your hands. This truly is the authentic Shakespeare and Company of Roma. If ever in Rome, seek out this untouched wonder and treat yourself to a little slice of literary heaven.

IMG_3873 IMG_3870 IMG_3875 IMG_3858 IMG_3863 IMG_3888 IMG_3874 IMG_3869 IMG_3886 IMG_3877




Via della Lungaretta, 23 Trastevere 00153 Rome,Italy Ph:+39065896478