one night

my husband and i were married on new years eve two years ago. following our wedding night we spent the next two nights at the CROWN METROPOL. we had such a good time hanging out in the city, eating, drinking coffee and simply taking the time to enjoy our moment of togetherness without the children, that we thought we should do it again. we moved our anniversary night forward into November so we can spend new years eve with our tribe. Again, we had such a great time i think this could become a welcomed tradition of ours.

IMG_6001IMG_6003 IMG_6006IMG_6011IMG_6009IMG_6069 IMG_6093IMG_6074 IMG_6091 IMG_6013 IMG_6015 IMG_6083


we stayed at CROWN METROPOL we ate at ROSTETTAS RISTRORANTE desert was insisted by our lovely italian waiter TORTA VERONA simply a trifle of mascarpone,lemon sponge liquor,blueberry and sugar-coated almonds this i must highly recommend tapas at YOUNG & JACKSON best coffee from DEGRAVES ESPRESSO shopped at CAMPBELL ARCADE

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