thoughts over lunch

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The simplicity of

feeding the chickens

who laid the eggs

for me to cook

to feed

to the children.


can all of life possibly be this simple?

I am so thankful that my children are living just a little of this simplicity, in between  ipads and youtube train clips. I’m thankful that my three-year old with autism can tell the difference between a carrot and a potato and that I often find play dough in muffin trays in my oven because he has been making cookies. Both of our little ones enjoy cups of tea in the morning, not because they are thirsty, more so because they already in their young minds understand the sacredness of that first morning cup, where sleepy eyes and heads are not quite awake enough yet for the beginning, for play. They will learn where their food comes from and that they don’t really need much to keep their bellies content.. maybe just a few chickens roaming in the yard.



this day in November

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This day in November, early morning wake up for mamma and papa,COFFEE and CUDDLES in bed from BOO, freshly laid eggs for perfect SCRAMBLED, a little art from SKYE,WASHING, garden PLAY time,swim in paddle pool for little ones and COUS COUS lunch.


Ingredients: cous cous, sultanas, flaked almonds, grated carrot, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, sea salt,table spoon of salad dressing if desired.

Method: prepare cous cous as directed, grate one carrot, mix all ingredients together and serve cold.