what if..

IMG_2650what if..this is it, never  anymore or any less than the way things are right now, can you be alright with that?

what if..It was never meant to be the ‘everything’ it was always only meant to be life,  unfolding into itself.

..there is a possibility that we already are the ‘everything’ we search for. What if it was never life’s intention that we reach that place of absolute completeness in our essential being.

What if, we already are ‘that’ essential being and ‘the all’ that it encompasses and instead we find ourselves momentarily pausing from our true essence to feel and be in this life for a while. What if the only way we are to really know ourselves is by having access to the all that we are not as well.

Is it possible, that we are meant to feel the magnitude of life’s pain and devastations, joy and blessings, truths and untruths, loves and losses, beginnings and endings..What if at some time, some place we chose this plan, we decided upon this story for reasons that may not always be clear in the process as it is unfolding.

Is it possible that we simply have forgotten what we have decided?

What if, it doesn’t really matter which direction you take. Can you for a moment consider that there are really no wrongs here just different choices and paths, does this alter your perception on things a little?

What if, today, tomorrow, yesterday you are and have always been complete. That really you are just moving through life experiencing your ‘self’ in many shades much the same as every one else. Maybe if we really understood this, we wouldn’t find it necessary to be so hard on ourselves or each other. Maybe we could forgive more easily.

What if, we decide it is enough. What we have in this life, the story we are living, the people we love the ones we care for, the way we move though our days, accepting equally our wonderous gifts and our misgivings, our faithful promises and failures to keep them, honouring ourselves when things are good and even more so in harder times.

What if, acceptance is what is needed, acceptance of all that is and all that will be, is it possible that happiness and contentment can still be found here?

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